SREMAG Suspension Magnets are designed for installation over conveyors where tramp iron contamination exists and needs to be removed for protection of subsequent processing machinery or providing cleaner product Just suspend it over the conveyor or over the head pulley. When the magnet surface starts to fill up, swing the magnet away from the conveyor and cut the power (electromagnet) or use the convenient wiper arm (permanent magnet) to release the attracted metal Suspension heights up to 10" to 12" are available. Manually cleaned magnets can be supplied with a stripper mechanism. No power consumption, virtually maintenance free.

SREMAG Suspension Magnet available is in permanent Magnet and Electro Magnet

Electro Suspension Magnet consisting of aluminum or copper wound coils immersed in a transformer oil (for prevention of overheating or shorting) or air- cooled for extreme or dusty environments.


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